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simulation type discrete simulation based on a stochastic model
domain Agriculture (all levels)
model van der Gaag (2004)
publisher CAH Dronten (University of Applied Sciences)
year 2007
platform Windows XP, Windows Vista
design system/ engine generic system for food production chain simulations (Van Hall Instuut, Dept. of Simulations)
my connection educational design and software engineering
acknowledgement the development of Salmonella was funded by the Dutch ministry of agriculture  (RIGO - project)


Salmonella is a zoonosis (an infectious disease in animals that can be transmitted to people), and is one of the most common causes of food borne disease in humans, with outbreaks originating from poultry, cattle stock
and swine units. The simulation game Salmonella simulates the spreading of Salmonella through the complete swine production chain (from pig feed to pork).

Nowadays, food safety is an important political issue. Demands for safer food and safer food production have been issued by consumers, national governments and the European Union.

The student plays the role of a government adviser. Due to new regulations, the contamination of pork should be reduced to a given criterion. In all links of the production chain, measures may be taken. However, some measures
are more effective than others. Furthermore, the effect of measures may be interlinked. An effective, sensible, combination of measures is required. The task of the adviser is to evaluate the effect of the measures, to find the most suitable scenario, and to discuss this with his teacher and/or competitive groups of students.

The program is used in combination with an extensive collection of information about topics like, zoonoses, Salmonella and the effect of control measures, stored in a separate learning contents management system.

Salmonella, an educational simulation game of the spreading of a zoonosis