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simulation type dynamic simulation based on a continuous model
domain Veterinary Education (University)
model van Wilgenburg (1998)
publisher Microsurgical Developments
year 2008 (second, revised, version)
platform Windows XP, Windows Vista
design system/ engine generic system for educational simulations (Van Hall Instuut, Dept. of Simulations)
my connection educational design and software engineering


REMOTE2 is an educational simulation of the physiology of a laboratory rat. It has been constructed for teaching microsurgical techniques. During simulated surgery, anaesthesia can be administered, and the animals main life functions are monitored through an interactive patient-monitoring-system.

Model driven video has been used to show the reflexes of the anima towards stimuli and model driven animation has been used to show the respiration.

A plastic rat model, the MD PVC-rat, is used in combination with the computer simulation to train the motoric skills needed for microsurgery.

After the completion of REMOTE, a full report is generated, showing every event that happened, all measures taken by the student and the resulting dynamics of the life functions during the experiment.

Remote is distributed by Microsurgical Developments in combination with their PVC model , books and films, showing how microsurgical techniques should be applied. By means of this blended approach, microsurgical techniques can be mastered without the use of real animals.

More information about this topic can be found on the website of Microsurgical Developments.

REMOTE2, an educational simulation of the physiology of a laboratory rat