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simulation type dynamic simulation based on a continuous model
domains Environmental Technology
target group lower vocational training
duration 1 sessions of  50 minutes
model Wessels and Tjeng (1981), adapted by Wetterling (1987)
publisher Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development
year 1988
platform Macintosh and MS-DOS
design system/ engine MacThesis (Macintosh) and Thesis (MS-DOS)
my connection software engineering of the Thesis-version and evaluation


BOILER simulates an installation for solar heating.

The program is designed for implementation in the curriculum as part of a series of lessons about alternative energy (combined with exercises, cases and instructions provided on paper). Students use the program to learn the basic relationships within a solar heating system.

The program may also be suited for other target groups. General physical concepts can be illustrated by means of the program like: radiation, reflection, absorption, heat capacity, isolation, convection, conduction.

BOILER, an educational computer simulation of a solar heating system