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simulation type dynamic simulation based on a continuous model
domains Medical education
target group University
duration 1 session of  50 minutes
model Classical 'windkessel' model of the aorta, converted to a mathematical model by Min (1982)
publisher University of Twente, Dept. of Educational Science, Div. of Educational Instrumentation
year 1982 (VAX version) and 1986 (other versions)
platform VAX, Apple //, Macintosh and MS-DOS
design system/ engine MacThesis (Macintosh), Thesis (VAX), AppleThesis (Apple //), Thesis (MS-DOS)
my connection software engineering of the versions for Macintosh, MS-DOS and Apple //. Evaluation of all versions


The prototype AORTA simulates basic haemodynamics in the human aorta.

Students use the program to study the relations between pressure, volume, flow, resistance and compliance as well as the effects of haemodynamic disturbances on the pressure and flow in the major arteries. Students can choose between a simulation of normal conditions and cases like the effects of decreased compliance (as in atherosclerosis) and the effects of increased resistance in the peripheral circulation (as in hypertension).

AORTA , an educational computer simulation of the haemodynamics in the aorta