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  about me


General my career

Educational computer simulations and games can only be made by teams, in which expertise in diverse fields like educational science, software engineering, user interface design, cognitive science, computer graphics, didactics and contents matter must all be present.

My background in life-sciences, computer science and educational science enabled me to co-operate with this diverse mix of experts in an effective way.


2010 - present
Inventor, Consultant, Scientist at Games and Reality

1993 - 2010
Senior Consultant at Wageningen University and Research Center, Van Hall Larenstein Training and Consultancy, Dept. of Simulations

1990 - 1993
PostDoc at Wageningen University

Consultant at the Educational Computing Consortium, Division of Research and Development (at present: Accenture)

1986 - 1990
Research Assistant at Twente University, Dept. of Educational Science and Technology

1984 - 1986
Director of Biospekt Mediaprodukties

1979 - 1984
Assistant professor at Utrecht University, Dept. of Zoological Ecology

my education

PhD, Educational Science and Technology, Twente University

BsC, Computer Science, EXIN

MsC, Biology, Utrecht University

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